Wet skin moisturizer, love it!

curel lotionOk, I haven't really been loyal to any one body lotion and to be honest, I get out of the shower and I'm in a hurry and forget the lotion and go right to getting dressed and on to the next task. But last week when I checked the mail, there was a sample of Curel HYDRATHERAPY wet skin moisturizer. Most of the samples you get are enough for one or two tries and hell that is not enough to prove anything, but this was a decent size bottle and I decided to give it a go. TIP: a small amount goes a long way.

curel lotion sample
Now the first time I tried it, well it felt weird putting lotion on wet skin, like it was wrong and slimy. But I was determined to see if this product worked, so I used it again and after only the second time using it, the ole man was telling me how soft my skin felt. Hot dam! When you're over 40 and closer to 50, you really want to hear those words from your man. But the true aha moment was when I woke up and my legs didn't have that dry look to them,they still looked moisturized and when I scratched my arm, no ashy marks! As you can tell by the picture I used it up and ran to Wal-Mart and bought more. And for beauty on a budget,it was around $7.50 and had a $2.00 coupon on it, so it was a win win for me. I urge you to try it ladies, and tell me what you think.
Directions: wash with warm water, apply straight from the shower and then pat dry.