When should you decide to go GRAY?

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Good evening ladies! I am approaching 48 in a few months and I am contemplating letting my hair go gray, well it's silver, still ugh, the thought makes me shudder lol. I am one who is not quite ready to give in, but truth be told I have been going gray since my 20's and have been best friends withClairol Nice 'N Easy hair color - Walmart.com#120, for that long. The thing is, my hair grows so fast(good thing) I have to dye it every 2 weeks(bad thing). Being brunette my hair goes through this weird red kinda orange thing when it's growing out and the dye is fading, so when I think I am going to stop dying it, I can't make it past that stage, I have to run to the Wal-Mart and grab a box.
 The other day I was reading a magazine, while getting a pedicure :) & I came across this ad for Color Prep from Color Oops, it said, "Fresh Hair Color Starts Here". It will rinse away old, dark color, dull buildup and off-tone dye. It is supposed to shrink the dye molecules, allowing you to simply wash them away and you're able to re color your hair immediately. Ok I went to Walgreens and bought the box around $10, opened the box , took it out of the box, but I haven't the nerve to try it yet. I don't know if it will take it to the gray or only take off so many layers and then what color is it? If it would take it to the gray I might consider it staying that way, since I will have bypassed that orange growth crap. But there again is that question, am I really ready to be totally gray? Has anyone tried this? Let me know your thoughts if so. And I would love to see some beautiful women over 40 with a full head of silver!